Music Workshops at LEFF

There will be a host of wonderful workshops at LEFF: Mark Olitsky teaches two levels of old-time banjo; Paul Kovac teaches bluegrass banjo; Bob Frank teaches blues guitar; Drew Bonnis – bass; Christine King – fiddle accompaniment; Two levels of ukulele; Fiddle from Scratch by Studio Strings; African Drumming; Barbershop harmony singing and more! Click here for more.


Bluegrass Jam with Paul Kovac

Get Ready to Jam!

Get ready to jam at the Lake Erie Folk Fest!  There will be opportunities to play Cajun, Bluegrass, Old-Time, and Irish music.  New this year, there will also be a Community Sing hosted by Folknet and Darryl Lewis. Click here for times for the organized jams, and look for pop-up jams to listen to and join in throughout the day.

Tuva Comes to Euclid

The Alash ensemble is a trio of master throat singers from Tuva, a tiny republic in the heart of Central Asia where the ancient art of throat singing was developed among nomadic herdsmen. In addition to performing on the evening concert at LEFF on Feb. 25, Alash will also be doing an afternoon session. Don’t miss it!

Studio Strings Donates Raffle Item

LEFF would like to thank festival sponsor Studio Strings for donating this beautiful instrument as a raffle item. They will also host an instrument petting zoo during the festival, and teach a “Fiddle from Scratch” workshop for anyone new to playing. Buy your raffle tickets at the festival! A drawing for the violin will be held during the evening concert. Thank you Bruce and Jennifer Tackett!

Thank You Tim Lachina!

We’re lovin’ our flyer – a big thank you goes out to Tim Lachina for the amazing design!  This year’s event features the Pumpkinseed Sunfish or lepomis gibbosus.

Thank You to our Indiegogo Supporters!

We’re incredibly thankful to all those who have contributed to The Lake Erie Folk Fest! Thank you to the 69 backers who have raised $4411 for the 2017 festival:

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