Volunteer for 2 hours and get a free ticket to the evening concert, along with that warm fuzzy feeling inside you get when you help out a great cause.  Volunteer Sign-up for more info.

The following donors have helped make the The Lake Erie Folk Fest possible:

The Char and Chuck Family Foundation

Ken Roby and The Village Blacksmith

Studio Strings






Sam Ash

Event branding by Tim Lachina

Thank you to the following individuals made contributions to our online Indiegogo campaign.

Mark Laskey, James Sittnick, Rita M Lewis, Paul Kovac, billbraun050, Amonymous, randysolo7, dentr52, mkerecman, Anonymous, Irwin Weinberger, Kathleen T Rosen, kellyquinnsands, Bob Miller, Laura Fidel, jmkasunich, jda9382, gtd, aarabby, kevin, pavlinak83, Anonymous, sallyann999, Tina Bergmann, Jerie Ireland Green, flanreen, guitarphile, banjodeb, jreisen, marceya, aswisecdoc, doggydoright, Betty & Rusty, designewscc, kporterdesign, harnson, Karen Walters, Hannah Arnson & Michael Morgan, rosebouch, Kathy Smith, maureen410, bob44117, jimlstone, edollick, oldhamsusanne, basmedley314, beann, kbutauski, Mary Ann Beach, al, anorphanboy, fulghie, Kim Yanoshik, donnarschmader, davidnputnam, dragcab, Kathleen T Rosen, kevin, watson.william, Don Nash, Bruce Oppenheim, michaelcaso, Anonymous, fmkovac, stevenmarkkohn, eieio, Anonymous, and larulew.

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Sponsorship Opportunities at the Lake Erie Folk Festival (pdf)

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Checks may be made payable and mailed to:

NEOMHA (or North East Ohio Musical Heritage Association)
10848 Chillicothe Road
Kirtland, Ohio  44094

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Help support this first-time event and bring great folk music to new audiences