The Lake Erie Folk Festival and Shore Cultural Center staffs have worked to address the parking and facility needs of our friends with mobility issues. We hope the following information is helpful. The map can also be seen via a QR code while you are at the festival.

Accessibility map for Lake Erie Folk Fest

PARKING – An entire section of the FRONT PARKING LOT nearest the outdoor ramp to Door #4 has been reserved for those with handicap tags. There are four van accessible spots closest to the sidewalk and three rows of six spots behind those. There is a walkway to the sidewalk.

BUILDING ACCESS – There is a gentle RAMP to Door #4 at the 222nd Street side of the parking lot.

FIRST FLOOR ACTIVITIESAll workshops, amenities and concerts are on the first floor except the Community Jams, which are in Room 258. Unfortunately the wheelchair lift broke this week and we will not be able to have it fixed by Saturday. 

FAMILY/ACCESSIBILITY BATHROOM –  A restroom with a changing table and large stall is located on the lower level part of the first floor between Door #6 and Room 157.

If you have questions or comments about accessibility at the Lake Erie Folk Fest, please contact

Locations of #4 entry, chair lift and accessibility/family bathroom

Locations of #4 entry, chair lift and accessibility/family bathroom



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