The Lake Erie Folk Fest is a collaboration between the Northeast Ohio Musical Heritage Association, producer of the annual Blue Sky Folk Festival in Kirtland, and the Shore Cultural Centre, a former high school turned innovative arts center in downtown Euclid. The afternoon workshops and evening concert bring together Euclid’s diverse arts community and the Northeast Ohio traditional music community in a late-winter cross-pollination of the arts.


Festival Committee

Laura Lewis, Artistic Director, NEOMHA Trustee
Dan Bond, Open Mic Coordinator, NEOMHA Trustee
Chris Cipriani, Shore Cultural Centre Director of Programming & Marketing
Will Craig, Open Mic Sound, NEOMHA Trustee
Jim Egensperger, Site Logistics, Signage, Workshop Coordinator
Jerie Green,

Laura Kidder, Shore Cultural Centre Executive Director
Mike Koval, Site Logistics

Mark Laskey, Public Relations
Don Nash, Volunteer Coordinator
Ted Theofrastous, Concert Manager, NEOMHA Secretary
Nancy Tozer, Business Director, NEOMHA VP & Treasurer

Festival Volunteers

Sincere thanks to Zoë Carlisle, Heidi Egensperger, Fran Kovac, Jim Richards, and about 60 more fine folk who volunteered their time to make the 2019 fest a great event.


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