Community Concerts

Bill Schilling with Kathy and Rich Small

1pm • Ballroom

Their harmony singing of folk-style songs is accompanied by a wide variety of folk-style instruments (guitars, bowed psaltery, autoharps, banjoleles, ukuleles, banjitar, mountain dulcimers, hammered dulcimer, recorders, jug-a-zoo, percussion, and more are possible) and lots of chances for audiences to sing along.

Bill Schilling

Bill Schilling has been singing and playing various folk instruments for over 40 years. He has performed for audiences of all ages in many settings from coast to coast. His high-energy performances may include songs, slide programs, and/or stories selected specifically for your group. His performances often involve members of your group with audience participation songs or activities. Bill Schilling with Carol Gaj; Bill Schilling, Linda Sigismondi, & Marge Diamond; or Bill Schilling & Folks provide harmonies or more combinations of instruments. Since Bill believes that his music should be inclusive, he is involved in many groups which share music.

Rachel Shortt

2pm • Ballroom

Details to come.

Rachel Shortt
Rachel Shortt

Jack DiAlesandro

3pm • Ballroom

Details to come.

Jack Dialesandro
Jack Dialesandro

Curtis & Loretta

4pm • Ballroom

Details to come.

Henry Barnes and Susie Goehring

5pm • Room 101

Henry Barnes and Susie Goehring will perform a 45 minute set of music that is from Ohio and regions along tributaries to the Ohio River that significantly contributed to the social and economic culture of Ohio. Musicians represented in the performance include those of the 78rpm Era to extant musicians still living in Ohio. This is intended to provide a comparative educational experience for a region of the United States who’s music does not often receive extensive focus.

Susie Goehring


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