Music Workshops

Workshop: Bob Frank – Harmonica / Blues Guitar

1pm • Room 301

  • Harmonica Styles – Explore the only musical instrument you can carry in your pocket. The lowly 10 hole diatonic harmonica has been an important contributor to blues, country, & old-time music since it’s earliest days. 

  • Blues Guitar Styles – Since the earliest recordings by Blind Lemon Jefferson & Blind Blake through the most modern recordings by Joe Bonamassa and others, the guitar has been the primary instrument of the Blues. We’ll study the finger-stylings of Blake, Bill Broonzy, Robert Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis, Blind Boy Fuller &  Bo Carter, as well as the slide styles of Son House, Robert Nighthawk, Muddy Waters & more. 

Bob Frank
Bob Frank

Workshop: Lake Erie Ink – Youth Storytelling

1pm • Room 218

Details to come.

Our Mission: Lake Erie Ink: a writing space for youth provides creative expression opportunities and academic support for youth in the Greater Cleveland Community.

Our Vision: We envision a community where youth discover their voices, share ideas and inspire each other as valued participants.

Our Values

  • We believe in the transformative power of creative expression.

  • The voices of youth are at the center of what we do.

  • We are committed to openness, collaboration and accountability to the youth and communities we serve.

Workshops: Pam Hunt and Marji Hazen – Ohio Folk History and Dulcimer

1. North and South in Ohio Folk Music – 1pm • Room 101

2. 5 Ohio Folk Music Collections – 4pm • Room 101

Singer/storyteller Pam Hunt will present two workshops for which the music lead sheets and commentary were prepared by Marji Hazen from over 200 years of rural Ohio folk song history documented in the five collections.  Songs are provided with chords, notation, lyrics and mountain dulcimer fret numbers in various tunings to support audience participation.

Pam Hunt is an Ohio native, retired elementary music specialist with roots in Appalachia. A twice decorated Kentucky Colonel, and Berea College Alumnus, she was awarded 2nd Place for the Weatherford Hammond Appalachian Prize in 1982 for her research paper on the Mountain Dulcimer. She won 3 awards at Smithville  (TN) Fiddlers Jamboree 2023″, including 2nd Place finishes in Autoharp and Mountain Dulcimer. 

Marji Hazen is an 86 year old retired native of Ashland, Ohio. She has a1965 BA in English from Blutton College and MS in Rehab Admin from Depaul U 1983. She hosted Marji’s Ballad Book, a weekly folk music program over thirty years. Marji supported her lifelong folk music hobby variously ending as instructional computer programmer at OSU’s Medical School. Her Hazen Collection of Folk Music is currently in process of installation at the Ashland County Historical Society’s Betty Plank Research Library. The public domain music project she founded in 1986 is still alive as online.

Workshop: Sheela Das – Pennywhistle and Ukulele

1. Come One, One Pennywhistle – 1pm • Room 302

2. Come One, Come Uke – 4pm • Room 302

Sheela is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who performs regularly with SATO, a high energy 1960’s-90s rock band. 

As an Ohio Arts Council roster teaching artist, she has led thousands of music workshops over the years. Her artistic music programming receives top scores in the State of Ohio. Come join the fun and learn with this unique presenter. 

Sheela Das
Sheela Das
  • Workshop: Come One, Come Pennywhistle
    Learn the basics on the D whistle and 3-4 songs. 

  • Workshop: Come One, Come Ukulele
    Quick basic review of chords and we are off to strum and sing. Bring one or borrow one of Sheela’s.

Workshop: Paul Kirk – Old Time Fiddle

2pm • Room 301

Put some pulse and groove into your old-time fiddling!

The rhythmic elements of bowing patterns and bow stroke in old-time fiddling contribute to its distinctive sound. Paul Kirk will teach the tune Candy Girl and help you explore pulse and groove to give your fiddling some added style and danceability.

Paul Kirk
Paul Kirk

Workshop: Afi Scruggs – Songwriting for Youth and Adults

2pm • Room 218

This short workshop introduces participants to the basics of songwriting. Our goal: write a complete song in 45 minutes! We’ll write verses and a hook to the classic “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman.

Afi Scruggs
Afi Scruggs

Afi “I PlayBass Scruggs” is a multi-instrumentalist whose primary instruments are bass and keys. She’s also worked as a teaching artist since 2004, and has taught songwriting to students throughout metropolitan Cleveland. Follow her on Instagram @afiplaysmusic.

Workshop: AppalAsia – Cross Cultural Collaboration

3pm • Room 302

AppalAsia combines uniquely original compositions and improvisation with influences from Appalachian and Asian music traditions to create music that is evocative, soulful, and sophisticated. 

Our workshop will focus on how the group approaches the process of cross-cultural collaboration and creativity that has allowed AppalAsia to create an ambitious performance language for dulcimer, erhu, banjo, and voices.


AppalAsia is Mimi Jong (erhu), Jeff Berman(dulcimer), and Sue Powers (banjo)

Workshop: Bill Schilling – Songs from Canal Days

3pm • Room 101

In this workshop, participants will learn about the Ohio and Erie Canal as an important part of our transportation history through several songs (particularly ones with words by Pearl Nye to popular tunes) and stories of the time. Participants are encouraged to join in with instruments and voices with provided song booklet.

Bill Schilling

Bill Schilling has been singing and playing various folk instruments for over 40 years. He has performed for audiences of all ages in many settings from coast to coast. His high-energy performances may include songs, slide programs, and/or stories selected specifically for your group. His performances often involve members of your group with audience participation songs or activities. Bill Schilling with Carol Gaj; Bill Schilling, Linda Sigismondi, & Marge Diamond; or Bill Schilling & Folks provide harmonies or more combinations of instruments. Since Bill believes that his music should be inclusive, he is involved in many groups which share music.

Workshop: Henry Barnes – Bowing

3pm • Room 301

Henry will demonstrate bowing exercises that increase coordination. This can allow the player to better execute new and old bow and fingering patterns and can unlock desired rhythmic expressions that may elevate the player’s experience.

Workshop: Ray McNiece – Poetry

3pm • Room 218

Details to come.

Ray McNiece
Ray McNiece

A true native of Cleveland, Ohio, Ray McNiece and his family have roots in Appalachia and Slovenia. His great great grandfather was a member of the 64th Ohio Infantry Division and his father was a decorated Korean War Veteran. He has been active in progressive politics and the peace movement since his days at Ohio University….etc. He is the author of four books of poetry, several monologue theater pieces, and co-editor of America Zen: A Gathering of Poets. He has read and performed in Singapore, Italy, Russia, and around the U.S.

Workshop: Joanne Laessig and Folknet – Community Sing

4pm • Room 218

Details to come.

Workshop: Cathy Towns Grady and Michael Grady: How to Play Well with Others: Soloing, Fills, and Comps

5pm • Room 218

Presented by professional songwriting and performing duo Grady Miller, you will learn the essentials to playing along with other artists, especially when and how to solo, fill, and add to the texture but stay out of the way. Open to all instruments!

Cathy Towns Grady and Michael Grady

Workshop: Anthony Taddeo – Beyond The Egg Shaker

5:15pm • Room 302

A workshop for any musician that wants to learn the basic mechanics and techniques of how to use auxiliary percussion on the band stand. What to do and what not to do when you pick up that tambourine or shaker is important to know! 

In this workshop, Anthony Taddeo will teach easy techniques to get the supportive percussive sounds you are looking for with instruments like: tambourines, shakers, triangles, shells, bells, and chimes!

Anthony Taddeo
Anthony Taddeo

Anthony Taddeo is a percussionist and composer currently residing in Cleveland, OH. He has studied with world renown percussionists such as Jamey Haddad, Kendrick Scott and Jimmy Cobb. Anthony has a bachelor’s degree in music performance from The School for Jazz at The Newschool in NYC and a master’s in composition from Youngstown State University. Anthony has toured North America and Europe extensively and his versatility as a musician has led him to be featured on over 30 albums with a diverse array of musicians and genres. Amongst film score work, his most recent compositions can be heard in his group Alla Boara and AlbaTrio which seeks to bring recognition to Italy’s richly, diverse folk music. He is endorsed by Out of the Drawer Percussion and Byrne Cymbals as a performing artist.



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